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Important - Read carefully:

This licencing agreement (hereafter known as the "Agreement") is an agreement between yourself (individual or company) and THALES S.A. (hereafter known as "THALES"). The equipment that is the object of this licence (hereafter known as the "Equipment" ) includes version 4 of the PortaNum software (hereafter known as the "Software") and any electronic or on-line documentation associated with said Software. Read this Agreement carefully before proceding to use the Equipment in any way, and if you do not accept the terms of the Agreement do not download or install the Equipment.

If you download, install or use the Equipment, you tacitly agree to the following:

Portanum Licence:

The Equipment is protected by copyright laws, international treaties governing copyrights and laws governing Trade Secrets, as well as laws and treaties governing Intellectual Property. This Equipment has been granted under a licence and not sold. It can be used only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The Equipment remains the property of THALES.

PortaNum(TM) and THALES(TM) are brand names that have been duly registered by THALES and this Agreement does not give you rights to the use of the PortaNum(TM) and THALES(TM) names

Concessions of the licence:

THALES grants you, under the conditions stated in this agreement, the non-exclusive right to use, copy, modify, translate and adapt the Equipment, in both source code and object code, for your own personal use alone, and not for any commercial use. Any copies you make of the equipment must include the copyright provisions mentioned above, as well as the terms of this Agreement.

This licence does not give you the right to market, sell or distribute the Equipment in any way. If you would like to obtain this right, please contact .

Please help us improve Equipment use by:

  • Informing us of any bugs or errors you may discover
  • Sending us a copy of any changes you make to the Equipment, as well as any related products you develop.

Lawsuits - Applicable law:

Any lawsuits, disagreements or complaints directly or indirectly related to this Agreement, which the Parties cannot settle out of court, shall be brought before the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris (France).

This Agreement is governed by French law.


The Software is delivered as is, with no garanties.

Nothing stated in this Agreement can be interpreted as:

  • Any type of guarantee, and in particular as a guarantee that the Software contains no errors and does not violate the Intellectual Property rights of third parties.
  • An obligation to act against or bring legal action to bear on third parties for infringing on the Intellectual Property rights of THALES, or to guarantee and/or maintain the Intellectual Property rights of THALES.
  • An obligation for THALES to defend you if the Software should infringe on the Intellectual Property rights of a third-party.

THALES shall not be held accoutable for any direct, indirect, material or immaterial damage of any kind that may result from use of the Equipment.


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