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PortaNum, a software vision aid

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PortaNum is a software vision aid specially designed to facilitate reading of distant documents (board, video-projection screen ...). Your computer is connected to a good quality video-camera, or a camcorder filming what you do not read, and the software zooms in and applies image processing to suit your vision (inversion, false color, improved contrast, brightness, sharpness  ...). It allows you to snapshot the image. You can also take notes while watching the images displayed.

In classroom, you can connect to an Interactive Whiteboard.

You can also use it as a video-magnifier, for paper documents on your desktop. For this application, a simple webcam can be used.

Finally, PortaNum can be used to watch pre-recorded images, including scanned documents.

Discover PortaNum

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- use as a simple video-magnifier
- connection to an interactive whiteboard
installing plugins
network installation

discover video reports
on experiments conducted with Institut Monteclair in Angers, CRDV in Clermont-Ferrand, and APEDV in Nice.

Download and install PortaNum


Vous can now download the latest software (version 4.6.2) on your computer. It is not necessary to uninstall the previous version.

Download PortaNum v4.6.2

Other versions

To exchange ideas, wishes, information, visit the PortaNum Blog (in french)

To follow the recent evolutions, visit the News page 
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